Wireless network configuration (WIRELESS service)

Access to wireless network

To connect laptops and other mobile devices to the wireless network of the Physics Deprtment, with authenticated access (username/password) via web portal, unregistered users must fill the registration and request web form.

Registered users with an active account, who should need a new additional account, must fill the request web form.

In addition, all users with valid credentials may use the EDUROAM wireless network, according to the instructions found on the EDUROAM web site.

NOTICE: access to EDUROAM network is not managed by the Physics Department, nor the necessary credentials are issued by the latter.

Use of wireless network DSF-Ricerca

To access the wireless network from a device supporting wireless connectivity (802.11 b/g/n standards), search for available wireless networks and select the network identified by SSID DSF-Ricerca, and apply the following settings When the device is connected, open a web browser and point it to any external web site (e.g. http://www.garr.it) using plain HTTP protocol (do NOT use HTTPS).

NOTICE: plain HTTP must be used for the first connection, afterwards both HTTP or HTTPS may be used.

Fill the authentication form with credentials (username/password) and wait for confirmation. If authentication is successful, access to wireless network is enabled.

After 10 hours, re-authentication is required.

To perform de-authentication (logoff), follow the link disconnect.

NOTICE: multiple logins (authentications) with the same username are not allowed.

NOTICE: the following web sites can be accessed without authentication, i.e. without the need for an account: