Registration and activation of IT services (MAIL/SSH/PROXY/WIRELESS/WIRED)

The applicant, which has never been previously registered:

Place of birth (country)
Date of birth (YYYY-MM-DD)
E-mail address (only for communications related to the requested services)
E-mail address (confirmation)

Current position   (please check with your Supervisor)


the activation of the IT services selected/listed below and described in detail here:

 MAIL: institutional e-mail address (includes SSH, PROXY/WIRELESS services)
 SSH: external access to SSH gateways (includes PROXY/WIRELESS services)
 PROXY/WIRELESS: access to wireless network and to web proxy
 none of the services above: MAIL, SSH, PROXY/WIRELESS
 WIRED: access to wired network for ethernet address  : : : : :

until the expiry date  .

In order to authorize the activation of the above selected IT services and to supervise their proper usage (according to the conditions stated below), the applicant


that his/her Supervisor is  .

In addition, the applicant DECLARES
  • to be aware that the credentials (username/password) issued for using the services are strictly personal and cannot be transferred to others;
  • to be aware that the services can be exclusively used for research and/or teaching, according to the rules in force;
  • to accept the GARR network use policy (download document);
  • to assume full responsibilty for any abuse or crime committed through the use of the services;
  • to give explicit consent to the use, storage and access to the information submitted through this form, only for the management of the requested services by the Physics Department, and according to the EU rules in force;
  • to understand that services may be suspended without notice in case of non-compliance with the present rules.

NOTE: the activation of the requested services is subject to the approval given by the Supervisor.

NOTE: the applicant will be notified by email about the processing of the current request and the following phases of authorization and activation.