Web Proxy configuration (PROXY service)

Access to Web Proxy

Access to Web Proxy, i.e. authenticated (username/password) access to Internet (only protocol HTTP for the time being), is enabled together with access to the wireless network.

The Web Proxy can be used also from external networks (e.g. at home), and provides access to on-line journals or other services subscribed by the University of Cagliari.

User and URL are logged for all proxy accesses.

Browser configuration for Web Proxy

Web browsers must be explicitely configured to use the Web Proxy, by setting the following auto-configuration proxy URL: http://www.dsf.unica.it/proxy.pac

Proxy configuration depends on the specific browser and operating system. As an example, the settings for Firefox 60.2 on Linux are under Preferences --> General --> Network Proxy. On the contrary Google Chrome uses the proxy settings of the operating system.

The settings for manual configuration are the following: When prompted for authentication, use the same credentials (username/password) of the WIRELESS service. After one hour of inactivity re-authentication is required.