Vincenzo Fiorentini
Associate Professor of Condensed Matter Physics

Dipartimento di Fisica, Universita` di Cagliari, and CNR-IOM, UOS Cagliari "SLACS"
snail-mail : Cittadella Universitaria, I-09042 Monserrato (CA), Italy
Tel: +39-070-675 4923, Mobile: +39 347 1410906; Fax: +39-070-51 01 71

Room: 1-C-21 (floor 1, wing C, room 21), Physics Dept building

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Vincenzo Fiorentini (born: Padova, 5 April 1960; Laurea 1987 and PhD 1991 at University of Trieste, Italy) is associate professor of condensed matter physics at the University of Cagliari, Italy. He is currently (july 2020-june 2024) on leave, and acting as the Science Counselor of the Italian Embassy in Berlin, Germany. He can be reached at,, or at +39 347 1410906.

VF has been teaching university courses since 1993, specifically various incarnations of computational, solid state, condensed matter, semiconductor and surface physics, as well as electromagnetism and analytical mechanics and even introductory calculus, for Physics, Materials Science, Electronic Engineering, and Economics majors. He supervised about 30 Master/BS and a dozen PhD theses, and coordinated the work of about 30 man-years of post-graduate and post-doc researchers.

VF's activity is devoted to the first-principles computational physics of materials (bulk, interfaces, defects, surfaces...). He collaborates actively with experimentalists and technologists at various research centers and industries. He has on record over 130 scientific papers on refereed journals and 27 (10 invited) on books and conference procs, 53 invited talks at international conferences, about 10500 / 11200 / 15600 (ISI, Scopus, Google scholar) citations, and h=45, 45, 50 (ISI, Scopus, Google Scholar), i10=112, G=154. VF is included in the top italian scientists list published by V.I.A. Manchester. VF features in the Stanford ranking 2020 in the top 0.5% of scientists active in physics (rank 48552 overall, 1202 in physics), and is, in particular, first in the same ranking among the currently serving professors of Cagliari University. He has a double habilitation to full professor in the area 02/B2-Theoretical condensed matter physics (in 2013 and 2019, valid through 2022 and 2028 respectively).

His activity was carried out, besides his present position, at the Fraunhofer Institut for Applied Solid State Physics in Freiburg (1987-88,1990), the University of Trieste (1989-91), the Fritz Haber Institut in Berlin (1992-1993), the Walter Schottky-Institut in Munich (1998-2000, as a Alexander von Humboldt fellow), as an invited professor at NXP Research at IMEC (2005-2006), and as a tenured lecturer at University of Cagliari (1993-2001). VF has been the proposing PI (2003) and later (2004-2008) the director of SLACS, the Sardinian Laboratory for Computational Materials Science of INFM, now an operative unit of the CNR Molecular Foundry Insitute IOM. He serves as referee for Nature, APL, PRL, PRB, JPCM, ..., and has served in several hiring, evaluation, and management committees of a variety of different institutions, agencies, and conferences.

VF's scientific interests are currently in the area of the prediction of structural, electronic, magnetic, ferroic, and dielectric properties of solids and related nanosystems, based on ab initio calculations. In particular, he has recently drifted towards correlated materials physics and emergence properties. The computational methods used are density-functional total-energy-force-stress and linear response methods, as well as self-interaction-free density-functional techniques.