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via M. Besso 13, 00191 Roma, Italy; Heylstr.27 10825 Berlin
e-mail (personal) : vfiorentini@tiscali.it, vincenzo.fiorentini@gmail.com
mobile: +39-347-1410906

Vincenzo Fiorentini  (Padova, Italy, 1960) is associate professor of condensed matter physics at Cagliari University since 2001.  He is married with physicist Paola Alippi and proud father of three terrific (occasionally, terrifying) kids, Isabella (27), Beatrice (24), and Giovanni (16), a.k.a. Gio Cool, formerly known as "il Girino" (the tadpole; a few old photos are here).

He currently lives with Paola and Gio (Isa and Bea now live on their own in Rome) in Berlin, Germany, where he acts as scientific counselor at the Italian Embassy.

VF's siblings are Antonio, in the nautical business (books, charts, equipment,transfer, skippering,...); Erna, professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology; Caterina, free-lance musician, teacher and -formerly- landscape geographer based in north-eastern Italy.

VF's mother Silvia, a physician by profession (now long retired), has recently won a poetry prize for minority languages, together with Caterina for her musical interpretation: details here on the book, the movie, the record.

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